Publishers of THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR, Roy Thomas’ ALTER EGO, BACK ISSUE, DRAW, WRITE NOW, and a host of fantastic beautifully designed magazines devoted to the comic arts past and present.  Highly recommended!
Tom Kraft’s graphic exploration of Jack Kriby recreations and newly inked pieces of classic Kirby art by talented professionals in the years since Jack’s passing.  Highly recommended!
What can I say?  I grew up watching this gentle and wise detective on late night television and am not offended that the Asian sage was portrayed by non-Asian actors.  This site’s message board is visited by those of similar opinions.  Check it out.
A terrific illustrator in Southern California for whom I’ve done pencil work.   Some examples are in my “Colored By Others” gallery.  He does great work!
If you like old movies from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and on, as I do, this place is for you.  Great “Old Dark House” and cult films, not to mention “classic” serie “B” western features that are guaranteed to turn you into a devoted couch potato.  You won’t be sorry!
Mystery, Fantasy, Comic ARt…you name it.  If there’s a book you want, chances are Steve and Cathy can get it for you.  Give it a shot. I’ve known them for years and count them as trusted friends!

Search for my work on Comics.Org, or what’s available from Lone Star Comics in Texas.